Young at Heart in Surprise Visit to Bulawayo’s Largest Community Garden

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: Young at Heart Foundation last weekend carried out a surprise visit to the largest nutritional garden in Bulawayo which is based on a new local ownership scheme to enhance its value to the beneficiaries.

Good hope visit

Jonas Mwanza a Secretary in the Sizinda garden presenting Nanzile and Bongo with black burry trees, as a token of appreciation for the visit. Pic By Chrispen Tabvura.

It is mostly run by widows and the disadvantaged in the community of Tshabalala and Sizinda townships.

The two visitors from Young at Heart Foundation, received a warm welcome as they were handed some fruit trees as a gesture of their welcome.

“We are pleased to be visited by you, and this year has been signalling our success. We have been receiving visitors from all over the world and, just today, you have opened our 2016 guest list with a refreshing word of entertainment. Thank you. Please come this weekend for that show.”

These were the words from Sizinda Nutritional Garden members last Saturday.

One of the gardeners grows fruit trees for re-sale to supplement his income.

Good hope visit

Above: ZDDT News Correspondent Chrispen Tabvura, captured chatting to a garden member Jonas Mwanza.

The project is a ZDDT initiative partnered by GDG and the Sally Foundation, Mike and Geraldine Roche.

The garden has become a centre of attraction for both locals and visitors to Bulawayo due to its unique concept and development ideals.

Nanzile and Bongo, from Young at Heart Foundation, who are both artists and social counsellors, have set a date with the garden members for a weekend of entertainment and drama.

“We have decided to compose a drama focusing on this garden, and we will perform live here for the members as an appreciation for what they are doing and also what they have shown to the entire community of Bulawayo. These members are an inspiration, hence we are going to do a drama show for them,” said Bongo.

The two were warmly welcomed and taken on a garden tour by the Chairperson and committee members, who later presented the couple with black berry fruit trees.

Good hope visit

Above: Bongo captured helping one of the widows putting final touches on a tomatoes bed. Pic  By Chrispen Tabvura.