Where We Are - Early Days

 ZDDT office

This will make a huge difference in day to day operations as communication is a key element in achieving our goals.  Through kind donations, we have three desks, two chairs, two carpets and two sets of curtains. Candace, the National Administration Manager, has kindly made available the use of her desktop and laptop.  


Whilst a donor has expressed interest in furnishing us, we do depend literally on charity at the moment.  We are currently working from another office as initially, Candace was having to run backwards and forwards to a land line in the suburbs to connect to the rest of the world.  This has become costly in both time and funds.


In the interim, Candace has been busy as, as you can imagine, as there is a huge amount of foundation work necessary in building the base of what we aim to become.  For example, email contact has been made with a considerable array of people and organisations world wide who have expressed an interest in ZDDT.  

The networking has been very productive so far as we have received our first donation towards the feeding schemes just a week ago!