A burning ambition

BULAWAYO – Orphaned in 2002, by a road accident, twenty two year old Nhlonipho Ndlovu is a Bachelor of Sciences Honours student in Developmental Studies at the Lupane State University. Intrigued by Mr. Ndlovu’s (NN) remarkable achievements, given his unfortunate background, Field Correspondent, Lewis Jones (LJ) went out to discover more about this astounding young man and the motivation that drives him. Below may be found excerpts of the interview that ensued.

LJ. Being an orphan at such an early age must have been a harrowing experience for you. Who took care of you after the loss of your parents?

NN. I believe that being deprived of one’s parents at such a tender age is always a most difficult process for the affected person. When our parents passed away, our grandparents took responsibility for the well-being of my sister and I. We were very poor as both grand parents were in retirement and had no income.

LJ. How did your grandparents manage to put both of you through school?

NN. They were unable to bear the costs. Fortunately however, after learning about the family’s plight, a humanitarian organisation, named Hope for a Child in Christ, (H.O.C.I.C), came to our rescue in 2006 and provided support for our family by supplying basic necessities and paying for our education. In my case they took care of my schooling up to A Level. My sister is doing Form 2 at Sizane High School, which incidentally is the same one that I attended.

LJ. Did you, in your early years, feel disadvantaged at having no parents?

NN. Initially, yes. But I soon learnt to overcome the attitude of self pity by developing this drive to succeed and to prove that I was as capable as anyone else.

LJ. How did you measure your achievements in this regard?

NN. At Sizane, I was a prefect for several years and at Lupane State University, I made it as President of the Students’ Representative Committee from 2009 to 2010.

LJ. Are there any sporting achievements?

NN. I played in the first soccer team at high school, while at the University I am captain of the first basketball team.

LJ. What is your outlook for the future?

NN. Being a national leader was my main ambition from an early age. I would like particularly to get involved in addressing the issue of children’s rights, with special emphasis on the plight of orphans. Currently, the Government has not achieved much in relation to safeguarding the rights of children.

Given the opportunity, I would make it my duty to ensure that Millennium Development Goals, relating particularly to the issue of vulnerable children, will be met. To that end, it is my wish to establish a national development fund especially for such children. This fund would act as a safety net that would for instance cushion victims of unfulfilled promises regarding payment of B.E.A.M fees.

LJ. What is your reason for approaching ZDDT?

NN. I came here with the hope of having this profile publicised, having learnt about the way in which ZDDT assists needy people through the posting of appeals on its website.

A devout Christian, Nhlonipho Ndlovu has a burning desire to bring about a difference in the lives of less fortunate children and youths. He is currently on attachment to H.O.C.I.C, as Programmes Officer.

Those willing to assist this amazing young man with the means to complete his education and to realise his vision of dedicating his life to the service of less fortunate children, please get in touch:


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