Zimbabwe Economic News: Astra Industries Court Japanese Firm, 60 mln litre target for milk producers, TelOne's multi-million $ project

Astra Industries chairman Addington Chinake said the deal was going to play a major role in the revival of the company which was on the verge of collapse.  The deal has been subject to speculation for the past 6 months - Herald, Friday September 27

60 mln Litre Target for Milk Producers

Zimbabwe is targeting to produce 60 mln litres of raw milk by year end as the revival of the industry continues, although the figure still falls far short of the national demand of 120 mln litres per annum.

Speaking at the 9th African Dairy Conference and Exhibition in Harare, Zimbabwe Dairy Industry Trust chairperson Thompson Mabika said although the dairy industry had virtually collapsed in 2008, it has been on a growth trajectory since 2009. He said by the beginning of 2009, they were at around 20 to 25 mln litres per year and at the moment, they are going to do at least 60 mln litres per year - NewsDay, Friday September 27

TelOne Embarks on a Multi-Million Dollar Project

Zimbabwe's fixed telecommunications company, TelOne, has embarked on multi-million dollar project aimed at reclaiming its market share.

Chipo Mutasa, the company's managing director, yesterday officially unveiled TelOne's state-of-the-art services shop in Westgate, Harare. Mtasa noted that the convenient shops will be established on shopping malls and in residential areas - Daily News, Friday September 27