Conflict resolution through peace

I have visited your website and have enjoyed reading through it.  I wholly support your principles, aims and objectives.  It is wonderful to see people of integrity come  together to combine their skills and experience for the benefit of the community and the nation at large.

One area mentioned and which caught my attention is the area of conflict resolution by peaceful and non-violent means.  

This is an area which the Bulawayo Baptist Church is involved in.  The ‘Grace to Heal’ ministry is headed by Pastor Ray Motsi and was started in 2003.  

Pastor Ray is currently studying for a doctorate in conflict resolution.  The team are able to conduct workshops and  I notice from your website that the a Youth Group had requested for assistance in the conducting workshops in ‘human rights and non-violent conflict resolutions’.  

Perhaps this may be of interest to you in the future.   

You may visit their website at

Best regards
Dale Dodds
Bulawayo Baptist Church