The Zimbabwe public give their opinion on ZDDTs community initiatives

– Since its inception, ZDDT has set out to bring about meaningful change among communities in Zimbabwe devastated by a decade of national economic mismanagement and social disintegration.

The approach chosen is one which stands out uniquely in the realm of community responsibility.  It entails initiating interventions with the help of local people, designed to benefit residents in their Wards by utilising the cooperation of democratically elected Councillors and their Community Action Teams (CATs) and supported by the Trust’s Community Outreach programme. 

ZDDT’s work is essentially objective in out-look and totally inclusive. This is in the sense that it does not discriminate, in any form, on the grounds of political affiliation, race, ethnic origin, region or religious beliefs. Targeted beneficiaries are, in the main, disadvantaged sectors of society.

Field Correspondent, Lewis Jones, recently dusted off the records in order to pick out some choice examples of public opinion about the effect of this work.

Below is a selection of quotes taken off a cross section of residents from the Trust’s zones of intervention:

"By working with Councillors and CATs, one gets right into the heart of a community and ZDDT has done just that." – Michael Phiri – employee at Savana Wood, Victoria Falls.

"We wish to partner with ZDDT, because we feel that your approach of working with Councillors effectively identifies the needs and aspirations of communities, thus opening the way for appropriate interventions." – Lizwe Ndlovu. – Director, Samrose Trust, Bulawayo, requesting a partnering arrangement with ZDDT.

"I’d like to become more acquainted with the effectiveness of your organisation’s impressive work among the communities." – Hon. Jessie Majome, MP, Harare West, referring to ZDDT’s Councillor/resident orientated community responsibility work. She was speaking as guest of honour, on the side lines of the launch of Samrose Trust recently, in Bulawayo.

"I can tell you that ZDDT’s work has been successfully integrated into our community responsibility programmes, primarily due to the unique approach taken by that organisation to include residents and Councillors." – Denny Munetsi. – Chairman, (GURA), Gweru United Residents Association.

"ZDDT’s holistic approach of involving the City Council, Councillors and residents in Community restoration initiatives is most commendable." – Cllr. – Canaan C. Dzingiso, Ward 13, City of Gweru.

"I think people here will look after the trees that were planted in the park because your organisation involved the Councillor and the residents." – Pathisa Ncube – Vendor at Nketa 6 Park, Ward 24, Bulawayo, in reference to a recent tree planting campaign by ZDDT, as part of its Urban Greening, Cleaning and Nutritional Gardens Programme. 

"ZDDT’s emphasis, in its programmes, on giving ownership of public infrastructure and amenities, to communities, has inculcated in residents a sense of pride in these. Hence I am able to tell you that it is probably because of this that incidences of vandalism have declined substantially in the City’s Wards. To a large extent, credit should go to the Trust’s insistence of getting residents involved in programmes through their Councillors." – Mayor of the City of Bulawayo, Cllr. Patrick Thaba Moyo, Ward 24, during an interview with this correspondent, concerning the Trust’s community restoration work in the City.