ZDDT’s Exclusive Interview With Bulawayo’s Mayor

Bulawayo Mayor interview

So humble is the Mayor of Bulawayo, Councillor Martin Moyo, that the most senior community father is readily available when contacted by the press and, most importantly, the ratepayers.

ZDDT’s Field Correspondent Chrispen Tabvura CT, managed to chat with the Mayor Martin Moyo MM, who went out of his way to request the Bulawayo City Council’s Executive to postpone an emergency meeting so as not to disrupt the recent ZDDT hosted councillor workshop on Leadership Skills.

CT: Good day Your Worship!

MM: Good day Chris how are you today?

CT: I am fine. I would like to hear from you, as a community leader, how you are tackling current issues pressing the community and councillors.

MM: That’s a very good question. First of all, I would like you to know that ZDDT has been our major source of the breakthrough and success, because of the skills they invest in us. As Councillors, we have been moulded and spruced up to lead the community with excellent skills acquired from this organisation.

CT: Can you name some of the skills.

MM: There is a lot and I can spend the whole day narrating. As community leaders, ZDDT taught us to communicate. The most important tool in the community is to keep in touch and updating one another on difficulties or positive developments.

I have learnt from the Trust, when I was elected into office, that I must always be in contact with all ward councillors and also to go back to the community, who are our ratepayers, to hear their views and problems.

CT: How is your relationship with Councillors?

MM: We are always in touch and that is why we managed to improve the delivery to the community. ZDDT has been playing a pivotal role in making sure we deliver to the community.

I learnt to become a good leader after I attended the previous workshop on delegation of duties. From that, I have been a free man, because I share the responsibilities with my colleagues and the Community Action Team in my ward.

CT: You managed to convince the Council Secretariat to postpone what they called an emergence meeting and they accepted. What do you think was going to happen, if the council insisted?

MM: The Council have faith in me and the Councillors. This situation is as a result of ZDDT’s conflict management that resulted in my winning of disputes in the council. I have become a good communicator who can deliver his promises on time.

CT: The recent workshop; what have you learnt and what is your general comment as the senior community leader?

MM: I will say ‘hats off to ZDDT’ for their every effort in building Bulawayo. They have been shaping councillors and their Community Action Teams. I would like to applaud them for a job well-done, and that they must keep up the good work.

I have personally improved in my working relationship with councillors, a step I credit to ZDDT. Finally, I appeal to all Councillors to take ZDDT workshops seriously, as that is their only free way to success, as most of the learning institutions charge high fees for the service.

CT: It has been a good conversation and chat with you Your Worship. I would like to thank you for sparing your time to talk to me.

MM: You are welcome my journalist. Have a wonderful time with ZDDT News!