Fertility of the Soil is the Future of Sustainability

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

ZDDT's Train the Trainer programme continues to make significant strides in empowering communities through education and practical skills training.

The latest session took place at the Mandlakhe Community Garden, in the densely populated townships in the western outskirts of Bulawayo.

Participants gathered to learn about the importance of soil testing and its impact on agricultural productivity.

The training, led by experienced personnel from ZDDT, focused on equipping garden members with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct soil tests effectively.

Understanding the composition and pH levels of the soil is essential for determining which crops will thrive and how to optimize growing conditions for maximum yield.

Participants at Mandlakhe were eager to learn and actively engaged in the training session. They were taught how to collect soil samples, perform basic tests, interpret the results and make informed decisions based on the findings.

By empowering these trainers with the ability to assess soil health, ZDDT is enabling them to make informed decisions that will lead to improved crop production and sustainability.

The Train the Trainer initiative is part of ZDDT's ongoing efforts to build capacity within communities and promote self-sufficiency through education and skills development. By training local gardeners to become trainers themselves, ZDDT is fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and empowerment that will have a lasting impact on the community.