Impactful Performance at Brethren in Christ Church

  • Written by: Gary Howes

The students of GRD Academy continued their journey of success by putting up a standing ovation show at the Brethren in Christ Church.

The performance was a poignant portrayal of the issues surrounding teenage and child pregnancies, shedding light on the social and economic challenges they bring about. Through their powerful performance, the students provided valuable insight into these pressing issues that affect many young individuals in our society.

The show presented by the pupils of GRD Academy delved deep into the complexities of teenage and child pregnancies, highlighting the far-reaching social and economic implications of these phenomena. By creatively expressing these challenges through their performance, the students effectively communicated the gravity of the situation and raised awareness about the struggles faced by young mothers and families in similar circumstances.

Following the impactful performance, Pastor T Maphosa, who attended the show, commended the students for their informative and thought-provoking presentation. He emphasised the importance of addressing such critical issues affecting youth today and offered solutions to tackle the growing crisis of teenage and child pregnancies. Pastor Maphosa’s commentary underscored the significance of using art as a medium to educate and inspire change within communities.