ZDDT's Train The Trainer Model Bears Fruit

  • Written by: Lungelo Ndhlovu

Sam Mvura, a graduate trainee, who attended the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT)’s “Train the Trainer” model programme, now presently teaches school children horticulture skills.

“I started teaching horticulture skills to school kids at the beginning of the year, around January or February.

“The ‘Train the Trainer’ programme really helped me and the community since I’m now imparting skills to the school kids, teaching them horticulture and how to farm.” Mvura said.

Mvura noted that the training programme is having a positive impact on the community, and he also acknowledging that it boosted his confidence in life.

“This also helped me in my confidence and, as I teach others and train them. They are getting better and better gaining knowledge in horticulture, managing to get their own food supply, and getting an income from learning how to grow vegetables,” he said.

ZDDT invites four trainees every 3 months when they undergo intensive, hands-on skills development to equip them to return to their communities and grow commercially viable vegetables.