One-On-One with a Ward 14 CAT Member

ZDDT’s Field Correspondent, Mandla Tshuma (MT), briefly spoke to a Ward 14 Community Action Team (CAT) member, Mr Bernard Ndlovu (BN), immediately after an expanded zone meeting held at the Small City Hall recently.

Below are some of the excerpts from their conversation.

MT: Good morning Sir! May you introduce yourself as we begin this conversation.

BN: Thank you. My name is Bernard Ndlovu. I am from Ward 14 in Lobengula West and my councillor is Macdonald Chunga.

MT: How did you see today’s expanded zone meeting?

BN: I have never seen a meeting as good as this one. All the things done by residents in their wards, which were discussed here, are all good things which I believe can build up Bulawayo. This meeting has been very good. We would want to thank the ZDDT for inviting us to come and discuss what we do in our areas, such as how we deal with garbage and burst sewers.

MT: If you are to compare today’s expanded meeting to the other meetings, where there would be just one zone, what major differences would you say you have noted?

BN: I can say the difference is that today we had three zones. This helps us share ideas across zones and then compare to see where we lack and then improve thereby.

MT: In brief, how do you work with your councillor; do you ever get called for public meetings?

BN: We work with our councillor so well. We get feed-back meetings once in a while. In most cases they come too late for the residents. Sometimes something that bothers residents would have crept in before they would have been called to a feed-back meeting.

We would want these meetings to be held every month so that we may get updated on time. Even every two months would be ok.

MT: Thank you Mr Ndlovu for taking you time to talk to me.

BN: You are welcome.