I Did Not Know I could Save Some Food Stuffs without A Fridge - Judith Dube

Judith Dube

The ZDDT/Sally Foundation value-addition cooking programme has left a lasting impression on the participants who said they have learnt a lot.

One such participant is Judith Dube of Ward 21 in Sizinda, who is fascinated by the drying of fruits and vegetables for future use.

“At 63 I did not know I could save some food stuffs without a fridge; I thought only the fridge could preserve food but, through this programme, which has been brought into Bulawayo, we now know that we can preserve food stuffs for even nine months outside the fridge,” she said. plan xox black

“There are some things like garlic which we considered useless unless one caught flu. We will now go and grow all these fruits and vegetables in our garden so we won’t have to go and buy from the market.”