Entembeni Says “Thank you”

Bulawayo – The Entembeni old people, a Luveve based home for the oldies, praised ZDDT for their gift of cooking gas, a gesture made possible by GDG and their partners, Sally Foundation.

Jessica Matavire, who is the home’s Administrator, thanked the trust for its ongoing efforts to improve the lives of the senior citizens.

“Thank you very much for your love. You have been our pillar of strength and this has assured us of how you care. We really appreciate your gesture that will go a long way in powering our cooking and food preparations. On behalf of all the old people here, I would like to say thank you and God bless you.”

Maria Lunga, ZDDT Field Officer for this area of Bulawayo’s sprawling townships, handed the cash donation to Jessica to enable her to make the purchase from a nearby business hub, established adjacent to another ZDDT project site in Ward 27:

Maria Lunga

Two of the old people, DymonPhiri and Samson Nyoni, added their voices, concurring with Jessica to thank ZDDT and Sally Foundation, for what they said was restoring hope and dignity to poverty stricken Zimbabweans.

“Thank you ZDDT and your partners for lifting the poverty drowned spirits and restoring hope and dignity to the disadvantaged community of Zimbabwe, like us. We are really awakened by your hearts that are open and caring for other’s lives, like us the old people. May your hands that giveth, be blessed and live forever? May the Lord Almighty add to where you took the money from,” said the two.

Entembeni gas stove