Working Hand in Glove

CAT Delivery Bulawayo

Bulawayo – In yet another success of ZDDT Zone Meetings, Community Action Team committees and their membership are now working on teaming up in an effort to share ideas on how to overcome problems faced in their different wards.

This was suggested by Ward one CAT Chairperson, Pamela Mackay during a Zone One meeting last week.

According to Pamela, this concept of an “ideas forum” will enable the CAT members to share solutions to challenges and help develop commonality if going forward in representing their wards.

“From this zone meeting we are going to bring our teams together in the future for the purpose of sharing results gathered from zone meetings we have attended to date,” she said.

Ward One community action

Her sentiments concurred with that of Zone 6’s Beauty Thebe, who said:

“These Zone Meetings have opened our eyes on issues affecting our communities, as shown by how service delivery is carried out differently in our wards. We need to wake up and act while ZDDT is still giving us these platforms to practically interact with our Councillors,” she added.

CAT Luveve