Nutritional Garden, a ‘Community Industry’

Speaking to Sizinda’s 14 member garden committee recently, the women were ecstatic about their successful life-saving nutritional garden which is flourishing, courtesy of ZDDT’s motivational inventions.

“We are glad to disclose to you that all this green you see in this garden, is a result of ZDDT’s self-help philosophy. We have been saved from the jaws of hunger, as I am speaking to you now. We started this garden after our husbands lost jobs, and we were failing to send our children to school, which is now history,” said Eunice Mathe, a member.

Another member of the Sizinda garden, Ketty Sibanda, also told ZDDT News that she is now paying her rentals and rates from the garden’s proceeds.

“Sebenzela Zimbabwe (ZDDT)’s forums have lived up to their theme of working for this country. I am failing to express myself, because my heart is filled with joyful tears. My life was in shambles before the arrival of this organisation. They gave me the industrial keys of life and I am in the life industry, which is this garden.”

Namnda Nyathi, another member, who was captured watering her portion in the nutritional garden, could not contain her joy as she poured her heart out to this Correspondent.

The garden, whose name was derived from the community and named Sibongaabakhi, is now more than a garden and has been described by its occupants as the garden of Eve, from where members are surviving.