What makes ZDDT different?

What makes ZDDT different?

Through its members, the Trust enjoys well-established and reputable relationships with key political figures at National, District and Ward levels. An extensive network, criss-crossing business, administration and civil society, is in place to facilitate cross-linking at all levels of decision-making and leadership.

The membership of patriotic activists, with a proven track record of promoting Development Democracy, has an extensive local knowledge of our country. ZDDT will advance the action and influence of inspirational leaders who align themselves with the understanding that success is dependent on sound personal attitude and integrity.

This leadership will have respect for the rule of law and the fundamental rights of the people. These ideals are grounded in a pursuit of excellence and personal responsibility.

The Trust will position itself around institutional and individual membership that subscribes to these principles guided by a charter. Along side Development, the sustainability of the environment is vital to the growth of the New Zimbabwe, where all things living, be it man, plant or beast, will have a place of prominence.


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